Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Messing around in boats!! Singapore style!

Republic of Singapore Yatch Club for breakfast
We were all COMPLETELY jetlagged when we hauled ourselves into the cafe at 11 am for lunch...

I thought this was just perfect Singapore
Ma in sunglasses and Curry Fish Head setmeal

Terence and Aurelia

and some satay

Oisin can't eat, so instead he sleeps

The Marina

Off on our adventure...yawn...


Attempting to look half normal

The cabin

Behold, the world's busiest port

Bukom where the oil is turned into petrol and diesel

It really is a sight to take in, all that shipping and activity

Kids sleep on the way out

The Singapore Skyline

Oisin swims to Lazarus Island

I have seriously mixed feelings about the boating experience in Singapore. On the one hand it is spectacular if you like racing with oil tankers, super tankers and floating barges. If you are into sharing the bay with fifty other pleasure crafts. I love the warm seas and i love the way you can just jump in from the boat and swim out. But it is by no means a relaxing experience. Perhaps people don't want relazing when they do this sort of thing. I could be mistaken. We did pass some old style bumboats and sampans and i thought, yeah THAT is amazingly relaxing, i can see that. But this...

Honestly, it is difficult to take photos in Singapore because there is just so much to take photos off. Asia, i said to my sister, is wonderful because you can just do anything in Asia and people DONT CARE. Not that they don't care - they DONT MIND. They are so amazingly tolerant and they don't talk either. Everything just goes. There will be taboos, advise and stuff, but really if you don't want to follow it, well, you just GO AHEAD and do it. And it also trickles down to the little things.

This is good and bad. For instance, if you want to cut down a rainforest, you GO AHEAD and do it. You want to knock down a heritage site - yep, be my guest. If you want to have a pilot that can't fly a plane, yes, you can do that too.

On the other hand it has been responsible for some of the most wonderful art and culture. So...

By the time we had decided we'd come back, it was around three and the entire bay was filled - there were twenty boats with various people from all around the world taking photos of themselves on iPads and drinking wine and pretending they were in a Duran Duran video. In fact i think i did hear Kenny G blasting from one of the boats. Sigh. Lazarus Island ain't what it used to be.

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