Monday, 22 July 2013

Junction 8, Funan Centre and Thompson Plaza

Breakfast of kaya toast with egg and kopi

It has been a weird week. For starters when there photos were taken we had a power surge and quite a lot of stuff was kaput. Most importantly, the router, which meant that i was not able to get stuff done online, which was deeply frustrating. So instead we went shopping...

This also meant that i had to replace my dad's computer cos the new router did not take kindly to the ancient OS. Also, the ceiling fan went on fire. are photos from that day...

The boys enjoy breakfst of curry puff and garlic bread

Funan Centre seven floors of nothing but technology. And fanboy shite. We came here to sort out the parental controls on Oisin's MacBook and to get Myst a very old game which we eventually managed to download on the iPad. It is EXACTLY as i remembered it. Anyway, they boys were gobsmacked at the rare Star Wars lego, including Lego for 16 and above of R2D2. Here they are oogling.

Buzz buzz
Now to cut time waiting in queues for anything you get a buzzer. You place your order and then you are given a buzzer, the round thing in his hand. When your order is ready, in this case pearl tea, you are given a buzz.

It just goes on and on...

...and on....
It's hard to imagine Singapore exists when you live in a place like Ireland, or indeed anywhere else on Earth. It really IS like being on another planet...

We have Thai for dinner at Thai Express

The food was indifferent but Junction 8 was something else. It was 9 pm at night and if the shops did not close people would have stayed there ALL NIGHT.

That, you had to admit is a big ass TV

Smurf movie promotion

You get to the middle of the floor and the smurfs turn up and dance with you on the big screen. There is autumn, and you are in a cafe in Paris. It is really weird.

It really is the desert of the real. But i have to be honest it has gone so far off the scale that i can only stand and stare at the place. I have stopped trying to compute it any longer. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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