Monday, 22 July 2013

I see the moon and the moon sees me...

We rewatched Hugo...Steampunk original lovelinesses

This is post is inspired by a 1997 bottle of Medoc found lying in my mom's fridge, which is like THE BEST red wine i can ever remember having - and the moon.

I am reading an article on the moon (this being the 21st century one can do several things at the same time), and it is FASCINATING what the medieval wans thought of the moon. Because information was not available in the middle ages so readily people had to rely on their senses - ie what they saw before them. Also i have since come to discover that we cannot trust human beings at all.

This is because we are apt to talk shite. Especially if they are having a 1997 Medoc in a cut glass crystal wine glass. If there is one thing i have learnt is that there is no such thing as a fact. Somethings can be true for a while. Facts are for people who prefer the illusion.

When i listen to people tell children facts i wince. Please don't do that i want to tell them. It is pointless and unnecessary. If you want you can start your fact like this...well at the present moment this is what people think...but this could change. This is quite confusing, especially for child, so it is best that you not tell them facts. Tell them stories. They can discover what a fact means later on. Today children will blab on and on about facts, however sometimes this will be interspersed by my father can lift five hundred buses....or i can eat ten pizzas at one go....which sort of tells you where their reality compass is.

There is nothing more tragic than hearing anyone regurgitate a fact which they have not understood. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... then you think, should i be kind and not question them, or should i be EVIL and say, explain that please. Usually i just ignore it, unless the fact is used to repress me. Then i will politely ask for an explanation. If it is mostly rubbish i will smile and say, that's interesting. If it is not rubbish, i will say, i must think about that.

But the concept of a fact, just does not exist, not really. Until the late 50s Plate Tectonics did not exist. Quantum physics which i do not understand but somehow adore tells me that facts cannot exist. Or if they did as soon as you looked at them you changed the fact. Which may not make them facts.

Anyway the Moon.

I have come to realise in this late age that perhaps alchemists which Western science has spent much of its time being embarrassed about may have had something after all. This is partly due to my reading of Festivals and their Meaning - a series of lectures given by Steiner.

There is nothing weirder than reading this book in Singapore which is a construct from start to finish. It is completely far away from nature and all of the things which Singaporeans use are completely unnatural. They have been created by sheer will, but also when riding on the MRT for instance, you can feel the emptiness, the illusion behind it all.

The lectures mostly look at the solar year in a temperate climate which also makes reading it weird in Singapore. The falling into nature which happens in the summer has not happened in Singapore - instead the Ahrimanic forces have answered in full chorus and here where human beings have been lulled into a sleepy trance it is interesting to place the lectures on Michaelmas, for instance.

It would seem that all seasons happen here at once.

Even if there is no coldness. But if you observe the trees this is what they do - they leaf, flower fruit and fall altogether...i am still trying to understand what this means.

WHY should i try and do this you may ask? Why not just join in the festival of consummerism and not be such a po-faced killjoy...because it is completely nuts the festival of consummerism. Because the Earth cannot sustain this. Because people end up leading meaningless empty lives AND because we are better than this. That is why.

Also because there are at least two ways of looking at anything and dictatorships by and large insist that there is only one way. Look can we think about it this way. No, they say. Why not, you ask. Because I haven't thought about it my way, and also your way is not right. It is extremely inconvinient your way. But mostly because it is not our way. It is quite demonic actually.

What i have also noticed about dictatorships is that they like indulging in lies. Those lies are manipulative and usually self serving. They keep them in power. What i do not understand is how people believe in the lies. The wealth of countries should be calculated on GDP...or per capita income...then your point out that this actually has nothing to do with someone's well being, which really should be at the heart of any strategy. And they then call you seditious. You are a communist. You are a dreamer. You are not in touch with reality. You are naive. You are neurotic. You need to be locked up. Or disciplined. Or taken to court.

Now, where have i experienced name calling and labelling before? Um... in abusive relationships. When someone cannot engage in a dialogue they engage in abuse.

Hm...this is not the way i saw this posting going.

Anyway, i'm going for a swim now. Then later i am going to a French cafe. THEN later this evening i am going to sort out my life on line. Then tomorrow i am going to one of my favourite places in Singapore: Sungei Buloh and later on Chinatown, and i'm going to feast on how weird and wonderful life is.

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