Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Chill pilling

Together after a long day in the sun....

The jet planes have not stopped flying over our house for more than ten minutes. It feels as if they are circling, if F16s can do such a thing. It has been a busy day, spent mostly in Ngee Ann City, probably my least favourite part of Singapore on account of the rampant materialism accompanied by sheer pointlessness. 

What is the weirdest things about materialism? It is the sheer amount of stuff that you just dont want or need. Walking in the large shopping malls of Singapore confirms this. Shop after shop after shop of stuff that i simply dont see the point of.

Clothes which are badly made, food that is overpriced, and the noise from evereywhere. I wonder at what stage do people realise that all this is unhealthy? At what stage will they say, enough, this is enough.

We do not need another place to buy more nonsense. We have enough.

Yesterday i decided to cook. It is too expensive to eat out, considering the service you receive and the food you are getting. So yesterday i made steak for the family. Good home made meal. It tasted great after the trying out different food in different places.

So tomorrow working begins in ernest. Ive been reading up stuff, especially the Festivals and the Waldorf Teachers handbook. But on Sunday ill be attending a Moving Maths workshop. It will be interesting to see what happens there. Then for the next three weeks ill be doing all my background reading and Main Lesson planning for the year.

Something really lovely happened with Oisin today. We were doing out maths homework and he was doing division by decimals. Then he said, how do you divide this number by 16. I tried doing it by doingbthe 16 times tables. Then he said, well, no what about this? He divided 16 by 2 and rhen divided the answer by 2. And got the right answer! There is something really incredible about the way his mind works. This connection between spirit, soul and body is emerging is something quite unique. I can only hope that what we are giving him will stand him in good stead in the future. It seems to be coming along really nicely for the time being.

So tomorrow...i think ill head to Bukit Brown and then we will go for a swim. I feel sort of exhausted, like the holiday section of the holidays has come to an end. I really cant describe it.

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