Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sundays are for blobbing

Ghin has steame cakes in our favourite Dim Sum shop

Stuff it

I have chee cheong fun

Oisin and Phil trade diablo tricks with each other

Belfast is super

After last night at the neighbour's with a couple of glasses of wine, i felt none the best this morning and then decided that we should just not get a bit mad with the sun. So we did normal Sunday things like visit the Aisna market and then on the way to Victoria Park to feed the ducks (which you can't do anymore by the way), we stopped at the market as oisin needed new diablo string and Phil has a market still selling circus things. We got Ghin a diablo too and Oisin some juggling balls. I haven't sen Phil in like months, so it was great to see him. I wish i was in better form, but i wasn't. Just standing up was an acheivement i think.

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