Sunday, 16 June 2013

My baby is a boy!

Games playing in the 21st century

A study in Singapore actually showed that low tech games, like building block
were better for child development

Oisin turns 12 with his cousins

My gorgeous son...and my adorable nephew

No, not squeezing him too tightly
For his twelfth birthday Oisin got a Mac Book Pro and an iPhone. Maybe it was overcompensation, maybe it was because he had waited for so long for both. Maybe it was because 12 is a big birthday. But i told him he was NOT getting another laptop/computer until he was in university. He'd have to live with it till then. This idea was amusing to the Apple store guy, who said, yes, you could possibly get 7 or 8 years out of a Mac...

I'd like to think that Oisin is a bit like me. He like his technology, but he's simple. He is not obsessed with it. I work with my frankenPC-Mac. I think he'll be that way too.

I recalled how he came into this world. My mom said, remember he had so much black hair, but no eye lashes. I said, yes! I remember that. I remember expressing milk for him and then when he threw it all up being completely miserable about it. I remember walking up and down with him all evening for about ten days for three hours still he cried his colic away. I remember, i remember - it was just like it was yesterday. In between everything we have been through together. From the very start Oisin was like a younger brother really. My son, but also my younger brother. But also when Ghin came along he was like a wonderful helper. So patient and kind and so filled with wisdom. It has been such a privelege thus far to know this wonderful child, who is now well on his way to becomeing a young man.

So Happy 12th Birthday my darling wee boy. May you meet everything with the same courage and fortitude, grace and strength, and deep delight which you have always done. I love you sooooo much.

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