Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lurgaboy with my wee boy...

About an hour from Belfast is the Lurgaboy Adventure Centre run by the nicest chap known as Richard. This is what Oisin wanted for his birthday. To do an assault course. Never say that he was not a melancholic-choleric. Just like his dad. Who is choleric-melancholic. Anyway, after some researching, we found this place and what a splendid setting it was too. All the mountain systems in NI surrounding us, including the Cooley mountains, which are not NI...the only thing we could not see was the Geopark in Fermanagh. Everything else was there. Anyhow the boys were completely up for it. It is astonishing how completely full on they are about what they were doing. They had an absolute blast. I just stayed on the ground and took photos. I did this for real in Harapan last year and twice was more than enough for me.

I think those are the Black Hills...imagine, you can see Belfast!!!

Strapping on the harnesses

Add the helmets...and we are ready to go

The Leap of Faith

Birthday boy gets to go first

That was scary...

My baby boy

Nathan did well to get this high up

Next the peg climb

Serious team challenge

Head for some rafting

Just the pale whiteness is blinging

And that water was cold, but they didn't feel it

Happiness is...

Water, just everywhere

If you are looking for an adventure day with a team or a family, you'd do worse than head for Lurgaboy. Honestly, completely totally utterly recommend it. Richard is completely sound and has his heart in the right place. A completely unforgettable 12th birthday party.

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