Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wood lice must be summer

The boys are starting a wood louse farm. It's sorta a biennial event every summer. They start caring for the wee critters, sometimes it becomes a fad in school and every home as a woodlousery. It seems that the woodlice dont like us, according to ghin, which is why they pretend to be dead.

The nicest thing about being a teacher is observing the certainty of the child's baffling logic as it attempts to make its way in the world. They have reasons for things...and if they dont have one, they will make it up, which is an anecdote against filling children's heads with facts. The weirder the better i think. The best thing is to observe them observing things. They really are the best scientists.

Today i kept Class Two entertained telling them a Russian folk tale called Altyn Saka, the Golden Knuckle Bone. It featured a good ol Russian witch, magical beasts and useless parents. They really are the best bridge between the Grimms fairytales and the fables for next year. They story was 35 mins long!!!! I was completely exhausted by the time it was over. The kids sat through it. It was amazing actually. A story, told from memory, lasting 35 minutes, keeping a bunch of kids in complete silence.

I'm off to see Robert Fisk this evening. A ticket turned up like that. It has been ages since i've been to an EVENT. It will be amazing to see one of the most incisive commentators on the Middle East of our times. Well, think im going to get ready now...

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