Monday, 6 May 2013

The blessings of sanguinity

Us sanguines have a bad rep. People say we are superficial. We are not superficial. I have to argue that we feel things very very deeply. Just...not for very long. We will sit at a play and cry and cry and cry and then we will come out and go - yeah - what's for dinner? We are nature's ridiculous optimists. The ones who will try anything once - at least. The ones which will go, yeah 'll do it, without the heroic histronics, but rather cos - life is about trying things, innit? And if it doesn't work out, well, we can try it this way instead... You couldn't even say we are detatched as in Bhuddist detatched, cos we are just moving on, like water in a fast running stream.

We are the ones which will do the lovely pieces of art cos we aren't afraid of it turning out shit. There is no such thing as a risk for a sanguine because they enter everything wholeheartedly and completely, but also with humour. The ones which will go - ah yep, that was shit, sure i'll do it again, no biggy. There is this resentment to this glorious bouncy optimism though. People can find this annoying. They think it is attention seeking and performative. We are not putting on a performance. We are just being ourselves. And often us sanguines don't really see that people have gone out of the way to piss us off until it is too late. Until, it is actually terminal.

Then we go - it doesn't matter. This bit of life here is crap, but this bit here is GREAT. What can we do with the great bit then?? The other thing about sanguines is that we like new things. So teaching is actually the perfect profession for sanguines BECAUSE...things are new every single day. And we love telling stories, which makes a Waldorf teacher the bestest most wonderfullest thing in the world to be cos you get to learn a new story every single day and tell it.

I was chatting to someone recently and he said to me, you don't feel badly about yourself? I said, no, why should i? I feel perfectly happy and content with who i am. Sometimes it think i could do things better, but as a person - yeah, life is about trying things out and improving yourself - so, why should i feel badly about myself? This, i have come to see is actually not at least 1/2 of the world does not react to life.

We were asked this weekend, which temperament do you not associate with at truth we sanguines relate to all temperaments cos we are the archetypal tricksters. Often when people meet us in a different context they will think we have split personalities, because we are able to be all temperaments. However, possibly the temperament i do not understand the most is the melancholic.

This HOLDING ON TO THINGS...i do not understand that bit there are all. Especially the miserable bad things. The melancholic who has not managed to overcome their temperament becomes obsessed with systems and highly critical of everything. This is obviously not the sanguine way. Why would you do that? Why would you care what other people think of you? Why would you allow the past to drag the present down? And why would you worry about the future?

I made a terrible editor. Not because it was a terrible editor, but i did not enjoy editing. I did not see the point in being so ridiculously pernicketty about full-stops and semi-colons, etc. Of course as a teacher i have had to call some of that into play, but really, some of my natural-born editor friends were terrifyingly self-righteous. They seemed to be terribly aggreived at blatant stupidity of people in general being unable to detect clauses, phrases nor badly placed commas or parentheses. I simply could not work myself up into that kind of frenzy. I would pretend to get as upset as they were, when really, i was just going deep inside, look, it's not the end of the world hon.

I also think i'm slightly phelgmatic. Actually i think that as a child i was phlegmatic. I was very quiet, very observent and i would much prefer to be by myself than playing with other children, on account that the world in books was far more interesting. I also love sports which are all about the distance. Long distance running, cycling, swimming - those were my sports. I did not like netball, squash or all those other really fast team games. I was often confused and very bad at them, possibly because of my sanguinity. It is often said that a sanguine person will order the same thing on the menu everytime as they get confused when presented with a list of options.

So in short, being a sanguine is just right for me and life is a journey, a strange and wonderful journey, and people are interesting and bizarre and intensely loveable, and .... etc., etc., etc...

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