Sunday, 14 April 2013

Suspended animation

Life seems to be going back to normal. With changes, of course. After a week of having my parents around and filling each other in on everything, we then all heaved a collective sigh of relief and then tried to spend as much time with each other. Because they stay so far away, when i do see them it is really full on. Like 24-7. When i was younger this was tough. Now it's fine. We laugh at each other and poke fun at our annoying habits. It seems weird after all this time to be back in a 'normal' household.

Well there isn't much to report, apart from extreme busyness. I'm trying to find hours in the day to do everything i'm supposed to do. The blog, of course, is my affliction. I can't help but write. I have around three places i write - my diary, my netbook and the blog, of course. It is my way of thinking things through.

So this evening i think i will do more of the thesis. It's getting very interesting now. And then i will read some poetry. The kids do poetry everyday. I love poetry. It's like the best.

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