Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Working through

It has been a SUPER busy day, as usual. Around 2 pm i usually go - oh yes, i forgot to go to the toilet today as i cross my legs in pain. The kids were great. The thing about children is that you can never prepare yourself for the stuff that comes your way. The only thing ou can be sure of is that its gonna be there. What exactly will be there you don't quite know.

It could be anything. Like today to warm up when we went outside i said, let's run four times around the school. Most of them did not manage it. Possibly because they don't run in sustained laps, but small bursts. But it was good fun watching them collapse on the ground going - we are going to die....There i was with my boots and tights and flowery dress running with them. It was great fun.

AND on top of that, other nice things happened too.

I got my BC through and my name was reregistered on the Singaporean electoral register. I don't know why i bothered, honestly with the latter. I probably won't be eligible to vote by dint of being a real Singaporean at this rate.

The passport saga is going great guns - i should be back in Dublin - now i need to get a few other bits and bobs together as well. I was delighted to discover that since i am not self employed i do not need to surrender my tax assessment forms. It astounds me i still pay tax. Surely that can't be right. However the frequency with which i use the health service's A&E department probably makes it all come right in the end.

We will be baking cupcake spiders this Friday - we are doing the eight times tables. The kids are discovering the magic of maths. From the pentagram and pentagon - how that is related to the two, four and eight times tables. I can't wait to do the other times tables with them. They are getting pretty nifty at drawing cirlces and divvying them up. There is so much to be said about making our own study aids and the ML book. Nothing is spoonfed to them. They do everything from scratch. Today they cut their own spiders using the princple of symmetry.

Then we put them up on the board and wrote the eight times tables on them. The children were fascinated. Then we went outside and pretended we were jumping spiders. I love it when i do the cirlce and geometry with them, they are entranced as i am with the patterns.

4    8    12   16   20
24  28  32   36   40
44  48  52   56   60
64  68  72   76   80

One child went all the way to 30 x 4 just using the pattern alone/ Wait till they see the reverse pentagon in the 8 times tables.

Being sanguine i LOVE multiplication i have discovered. On my god, now as i teach the kids the right way to do maths, i am understanding it for the first time too. What an admission, eh?

7     14   21   28   35    42    49    56   63   70
77   84   91   98   105  112  119  126 133 140
147 154 161 168 175  182  189  196 203 210
217 224 231 238 245  252  259  266 273 280

And it makes an amazing star as well. Of course we went through all the grams and gons when we did the qualities of the numbers in the first ML block, so the kids are well used to drawing stars. In fact i might make them do a display for the Easter Festival board, underneath their trees.

Sorry a bit obsessed here.

Honestly, it is like magic and why were we never taught it like this??? WHY???? Here is the key, unlock this garden, play in it and discover everything you need to for yourself. I was told that some children spend hours doing the stars...now they can do the stars and the maths.

God i am sooo tired suddenly. Had a dinner/lunchy thing and i'm headed for what i hope is a mega scalding hot bath. Then i'm going to start reading Foundations of Human Experience. My greatest learning has been this: that compassion and wamrth and love can do so much for us. Something has neccessitated that i had to see the good in someone - just the one small thing that was done well, hold on to it before i slept and see what happened. What happened? Love happened, that's what. Isn't it amazing? One small good thing - plant the seed and night and hope it grows. Have faith.

And it does and will.

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