Sunday, 10 March 2013

I've got a good feelin about this....

I wish i could say i was putting a brave face on it, but really...i am not. There is no brave face cos you know what, it was the right decision. And once again, which ever way i cut it, it was the right decision. Decisions. To not dwell in the house of uncertainty. So much needs to be said about it.

HOWEVER aside from this, today the sun shone and the snow snowed and it felt amazing. Utterly and totally amazing. Being in the school with my course mates, sewing a wee felt frong, having had breakfast served on monther's day - contemplating what it means to have health and how we foster it in children as teachers - it is all so amazing.

I did think when it all kicked off, this is going to take ten years to get over this. In actual fact, it would be amazing if it took ten days. Because i think i'm now mostly over it and what has it been, less than a week? I simply cannot explain it. There is a lesson from life eh? You can never tell what will happen if the right decision is reached.

As i drove over the hills today...i thought of the verse we say with the kids everyday: I thank the earth beneath me, for there i stand and walk, i thank the air around me, it helps me breathe and talk, i thank the sun so warm and bright, i thank the stars that shine all night so far away in heaven's height to keep me safe till morning light."

Today the boys came in and Oisin said to me, happy mother's day mom. Where's my breakfast i jokingly asked him. That's what i was going to ask you - what would you like for breakfast. I hugged him. Ghin was still sleeping then and i thought, how wonderful is this? Scrambled eggs and toast if that's alright. Yeah sure, he said, and off he went. My son, 11 and a half.

I turned to Ghin who was sleeping and hugged him. I am rich beyond measure. Thank you. One day this will be gone, the boys would have grown up, life will happen, unforseen circumstances will come between us, and i would not have missed it.

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