Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A pleasant way to spend an afternoon

Colour and flight

Tell you what, i'm no longer in Norn Iron - in fact currently i'm not on planet Earth. I'm somewhere which colour lives. I'm trying to do the pastels according to the way we are taught about colours in the course and it is fascinating. If it had been up to me, i would have never EVER done the colours this way, but because we have been taught how to place the colours, this is the result...

I'm colouring in Daivd Lloyds. It reminds me a bit of when i was in Singapore and i used to go to the club to study. I'm still going to the club to study i guess. It's sort weird.

I also got a show around the gym today. I actually need to go to get my photo taken. Tonight i'm supposed to go out to the Holywood Yatch Club for a quiz. I suppose it will be fun.

Well i'm going to do some writing and then i'm going to go to get that photo taken. I'll leave around 3.30. It is really good for my soul this.

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