Sunday, 24 February 2013

Warhol and ping pong diplomacy

Raq, Dany, me, Ghin and Wuth!!!
It was a wunnerful weekend! Raq and Ruth came over - Raq with Dany - and Belfast really shone - like literally. We went to St George's market, visited the Warhol exhibition, mooched about town and today we went to Helen's Bay and Crawfordsburn. We also decided to go to Morocco this October. Why the heck not eh? :-)

Close ups

Cow and child

Mao and Ghin

Sofa so good

City Hall tries out ping pong diplomacy

Shiny helium balloons...Much nicer than any fleg

Raq checking eBay...seeing if she can buy City Hall

Ghin practises the life of a hobo - eating out of a box
on the ground

I like the way they made the effort to put Chinese lanterns up for Chinese New Year. I feel a bit better about my paltry efforts at home now. If its good enough for the City Hall it's good enough for my dining room.

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