Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nu haircut

It's only hair
Ever since i can remember i have loved having my hair done at different lengths. Short, shaved back, shoulder length, bobbed, when people say to me, god that is very brave of you, i say, it's only hair, it'll grow back. No worries. Over the last week i lost 5 kilos. I sat at the dining table and went, i don't want to eat. Food sucks. Can't booze, it makes me sick. And that is how i lost my weight. I did emerge from the ordeal looking rather bedraggled. So i thought, i really need that haircut now. I go to Vintage Rocks, which is not a hairdresser but a hair palour. I don't think low maintenence short is what they usually do, but seeing how my life style will only permit low maintenance short, this is what i asked for. My mother has asked i post a photo of myself on line, so here it is.

I do like having my hair short - i also like the way it has a shape, as opposed to Bjork long and straggly. Over the last few weeks i have really had to think about my life and what it is about. And it has been good for me. A real clearing out of things.

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