Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My magical bed

At this time of the year my bed develops magical properties. It would appear that some kind of magnet has been installed in it and i can't extricate myself from it. With the Christmas break it seemed to get worse. I do wake at 4.30 everyday to prep for school, and usually i just outta it. At this time of the year it seems impossible as i am somehow invisibly but surgically attached to it. I was thinking about the Will. Steiner talks about how the will does not like being disturbed. In fact if it could it would sleep all day and we would just end up either doing things without knowing why we do them or just lying in bed all day. The whole point of Steiner education is to cultivate a healthy will and the only way to do this is through the Feeling. If we feel things strongly, we will want to do things. It seems only logical. however in education people don't talk about Feeling. They talk about Thinking. Thinking is good says Steiner but it really gets us nowhere. We end up just being dead because thinking is a deadening process. If we only do thinking and no feeling, then there is a disjuncture between that and the will and what you get is a hyptonised, lobotimised person who just does what anyone tells him. Or is very good at thinking things, but not doing anything.

So when i lie in bed and THINK about getting up and all the things i should be doing but sort of being magnetised and i sort of come close to an understanding of what the man was on about.

It is funny trying to get children to do things. Take my children for instance. Ghin has the Will of an Ox. It is terrifying. Over the holidays they have gotten into a routine of not sleeping early. So yesterday in an effort to get him to bed at 8, i dragged him into my room and read him a story. After that he just refused to close his eyes. He refused to have the lights off and just wanted to chat and chat. I just wonder how much of it has to do with the amounts of screen time they have had over the holidays. Especially younger children are just unable to 'switch off'. I looked at him and wondered, is this where insomnia starts, when a child is not given the security of a routine to work with in sleeping? Is sleep also a habit? And if you do not have that habit will you end up being an insomniac?

I sleep at the drop of a hat. I would sleep ten hours if anyone let me. This is probably to make up for a part of my yuff when i used to sleep like four hours a night. Also it might be because i am just a lazy git. Or have become one. However i do not know what i would do if i could not sleep. If i could not doze and enter that wonderful place which only becomes apparent just before you enter it and just as you exit. What would i do? I know many people who can't sleep, and i feel sooo sorry for them.

Anyhow, here is to my magical bed and the great things that happen in it - i have given birth there, raised my children, had breakfast, sweated off fevers, used it to fold clothes on, and best of all i SLEEP. Hooray for it. Best stick of furniture in the house!

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