Wednesday, 2 January 2013

I will soon be six!

Exhibit A - Choleric Archytype?

Slightly Willam Blake

Ghin will be six this coming Monday. Because he has an older brother Ghin seems a LOT older than six - or rather a lot older than when i think of Oisin at his age. He is sarccy, has a wicked sense of humour and also will buy and sell you at a drop of a hat. He is such a smartass that i am on the verge of thinking that should be not become a barrister, he would have missed his calling. People who know what i think abt barristers will know what an act of generosity that is - on either side.

I try and restrain these tendencies namely because i think that people, children, should not be smararses. They should be immersed in the wonder of the world. If they are smartarses at the age of 6 at 16 they will be exhausted. The world will appear dull and uninspiring to them. I maybe wrong.

Anyway, Ghin decided that they should all do a play and went into Oisin's cupboard to dig this out. The mask is one i got from Venice this year for Halloween. They did not use it for Halloween as they dressed up as other things. Ghin refused to dress up, saying it was something he'd prefered not to do. But i digress. He put the mask on and said, we will now do the play. And he narrated it and directed it. There is something about Ghin's certainty which makes other people seem to listen to him. Either that or get your eye poked out.

We did managed to walk on Slievenacloy. I had never been there, but i so desperately wanted to go for a walk with fresh air in my lungs. So i decided, Slievenacloy. Today we may visit a National Trust property. Possibly something on the Ards Peninsula. Or the Spade Mill. It's just something to get the kids out of the house with. Then at 4 i'm meeting Gabriel to see how to teach vowels and tomorrow i'm going to set up the classroom. I'll probably look at the crafts i'll be doing as well this evening. But you know what, when people say, you get those long holidays as a teacher, it is true - however, the best part of the long holidays is being able to spend it with the children. to be able to hang out with them and do lovely things with them.

Slievenacloy was beautiful. The day was dry and clear and there was little wind. I saw a snipe - well i flushed it out, and saw several female linnets. It is a bit scary how i knew they were female linnets. Things can happen by osmosis. But it made me want to write again being out in the open. With the children and Peter even came along. After the walk i thanked them for humouring me. I suppose if i could do laser tag, they could do Slievenacloy.

It's been nice doing the blog again. I have missed doing it. I look back on it and think of all the times i've had over the past six years, when i first began it. I can't believe it is six years old!! Many people who start blogs never really keep them going. A friend once said to me, i don't know where you find the time, and i said, i have a compulsive need to write, so doing the blog is a manifestation of this compulsion.

I am rereading the Guardian Angels lectures. I can't seem to get my head around Ahriman and Lucifer and the difference or smiliarity between them. Ahrimanic beings need to intellectualise everything because their inability to be human hurts them - so badly that they feel such terrible pain. They then enter us through the intellect and this helps to alleviate the pain. Luciferic beings are really pissed off that human beings walk on the earth, so they want to take us away from the earth. Therefore they try and bliss us out. They make us dream, or give us theology that take us away from our bodies. Either way, the physical nature of the human being is a site and source of great envy and annoyance for these spiritual beings. Previously i would have dismissed all this, but it is interesting. It really is - even if we were to ponder it from an allegorical or metaphorical point of view. It has enormous consequences for how we live our lives, especially around sustainability and ethics. As a result i must say that Anthroposophical communities, like Camphill, like our school, are very interesting places to visit, live and work in. Our motivation is never targets or goals or things that can be qauntified. These things are important, but they are not the most important thing. Certainly for the school, the child, the individual in the cosmos and how we work with this wider cosmos, is what is important for us. The aesthetic, beauty, working from the highest good, our highest good, is what we are reminded of every day as we go about our work. Whether it is doing painting, or a festival, or telling a story - your intention is critical - and children know the difference.

Just as a final thought, William Blake used to see these beings. They were utterly real to him. I love Blake's plates and drawings. I saw this book by Thames and Chatto of all of Blake's collected works, but the plates were too small, one could barely see the writings. But it was still quite lovely to be reminded of them, but luscious and luminous they were. I loved Blake when i was in university - him and Woolf - and Bronte - were my favourite writers. But i think Blake, because he combined this muscular manifestation of his imagination with his poetry. You had a sense that he wasn't trying to be an artist - he was just being himself.

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