Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I went buck mad

My new hold all

Pretty sticky notes...banish those hedious day glo ones

Belfast busride

Yesterday i went buck mad at the sales in that street with Avoca, Cath K and Paperchase in it. A friend once observed very sweetly, is this like your favourite street in Belfast? I have to admit that should the collective efforts of our paramilitaries spare only one street and one street alone and it be that street in Belfast, then i will think more kindly of them. Said somewhat facetiously, if one can be facetious about such things. Probably not.

Cath K was quite worrying though. When i went in, i knew exactly what i wanted. I had seen it on the website which i had been checking out since midnight on Christmas Day. I do quite a lot of travelling and i wanted a bag which could fit in all my luggage for a day trip. A large carry all. It had been cut from £35 to £17, but i just wanted to make sure it was the right size.

So i dragged the boys to town on a bus. The bus bit was to ameliorate the pain of being in stationery and flower hell later on. Because all children find bus journeys fun. The only thing funner than a bus journey is a limo journey and that is never going to happen.

Anyway, when i got to CK, the place was writhing with middle aged women out of town shoppers and their teenage daughters and poor put upon husbands. It was a collection of various accents from across the country and there were even two families, from the West of Dungannon standing in the middle of the shop having a full blown conversation about their Christmas, seemingly oblivious to the overly falower patterned scrum that was taking place around them.

I found what i was looking for and then scooted around the shop looking at other stuff. None of their material was on offer, but i did think, i'd like two metres of this then saw the look on the saleswomens' faces as they served up on basketful after basketful of going cheap oilcloth after another and thought, nah, i'll come back another day when they are less likely to hit me over the head with the roll of cloth for making so outrageous a request.

Anyway, i also go another bag - sort of a fold out shopper as well, to use at school. And a very small mirror for £1.50 as mine from the museum had strangely disappeared. I have to say the one thing i was not planning to buy was the shower cap. Cos i didn't know they made them, but they were going for cheap and i need a shower cap as well.

As i made my way round the shop i saw, nearly hidden in the corner, a husband, or boyfriend, or father, with a glazed expression on his face. It said, if it said anything at all, please kill me. I looked at him and the looked up and gave me a faint smile, a weak smile, as if to say yes, i am still alive. Please send help. I laughed, cruelly. Look mate, if your woman did not have the good sense to leave you at home as you hit the sales, then there is nothing i can do for you.

After that we went to Paperchase. There i almost mummified myself in the rolls of cheap wrapping paper. I LOVE stationery. If i have a fetish it would be stationery. This is a common affliction with Asian women from middle class backgrounds i believe. Despite knowing better i still love Hello Kitty - the red and yellow one, not the pink one, nope - and i can spend all my pocket money, i mean salary, at an Artbox, or its equivalent. I prefer Artbox to Paperchase, but hey, i canot be fussy, we dont have not Artbox. So Paperchase it is. I got lovely wrapping paper, some gorgeous sticky notes and a fileholder. If i could i have have gotten the rest of the store. Well actually no. Just the journals and more wrapping paper. They also had some really nice Christmas cards. But really i simply cannot justify getting more gorgeous stationery on the grounds that i already have waaaay to much at home. I have n fact so much that i i could servie a few Christmases without ever going near another stiaonery store again. It really is PURE INDULGENCE.

Anyhow, after that the boys rebelled and said, we are now going to go to HMV to look for some anime. I could not argue with that and with the last of their Christmas money they got another serason of Naruto.

Today i hope we will go walking, possibly on Cave Hill. I'd like to go to Slievenacloy, but i have never been there and dont know how to get there either. I'd like to go somewhere which doesn't neccessitate too much driving as i think i have done my fair share of sitting in a confined space with my sons with our trip to Galway.

And so another year arrives. We went to the Christian community last night and there was singing and music. We saw a few people. It is very small and everyone knows each other. It is a way of celebrating, a way of marking the new year. I went to bed at 10 last night. I always go to bed early on New Year's Eve. I don't understand the whole Jools Holland thing. I think it is part of the culutral fabric of the UK, but it certainly isn't my cultural fabric. Since i was about 22 i have been celebrating New Year's Day in bed.

So, here is to 2013, what a year it has to live up to. I got in the silver walnut the question: What was the best thing that happened to you this year? I smiled and thought, the best thing that happened to me this year was 2012. I really didn't want to see it go, i wanted to hold onto it for as long as i could...and then, like every other year previous to it, good or bad, it just WENT, passing out of my life, just like that.

So here is to beginnings, thresholds, the new and the old, this present moment that holds forever in its ever unfolding fractals. Here is to this year, may it bring all the things that we need.

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