Saturday, 19 January 2013

I know that Cath Kidston is evil

Well, it is not evil, just the grip it has on me is sometimes slightly worrying. especially since i can at about two hundred paces and within three seconds tell you EXCATLY what is wrong with it. But somehow i am comeplet rendered immobile by its ridiculous flowery patterns, possibly even hypnotised and i am comepltely unable to control myself when i go into the store in Belfast. I suppose we all need to have our Achilles heel. It is very embarrassing.

I realised i had a problem when i looked at its latest email it sent me about its new collections and went, i would really like the in cabin luggae thingy that you can wheel onboard. Will it NEVER STOP????!!!!!! And then i looked at the sales items and thought, ah yes i need some buttons. Of course need is not really the accurate word to be using here. I cannot tell you how many Cath kidston items i already have to my name. In Singapore three years ago i went slightly insane and at a Cath Kidston rip off centre in Toa Payoh Hub i did slightly by the entire store. I did think to myself, its not really Cath Kidston, sure you can tell its not Cath Kidston, but it turned out that it was two seasons ahead of its time, as the Chinese clearly were being given the designs early and then knocking off not just the prints, but the bags - the day bag suddenly made an appearance after i got mine two years later...that sorta thing.

So, on to more impotant things. Oisin and Ghin have fallen to a virus type thing. I do not want to say the norovirus cos i am hoping my sons are not picking up faddish viri. But it might be the Norovirus. On Thursday night, i had fallen asleep as i was so tired, and then i got up with Ghin's coughing and he had such a bad nosebleed that i thought he was coughing up blood. So off to hospital we went. This is the first of our two visits we have evry year. And i am becoming quite familiar with the inside of Dundonald Hopsital's A&E that never changes. As it wasn't so busy Ghin was able to take a bed and wait for the doctor there. Hospitals are funny things. In the next cubicle some kind of police protection was going on. There was a woman and a man outside - the woman was wearing a leopard print onesey. It is the first time i have ever seen a grown up person in a onesey who was not in an Ad or in a music video.

There was another child as well. And there were the three of us, half asleep as it was three in the morning. Ghin was eventually given a nebeuliser to help with his breathing. This was a source of much mirth. For Oisin. You look like a James Bond villian he told Ghin. All you need is a cat, i said. Ghin then whined and screamed saying that this was most unfair as when he laughed he coughed. It was also very loud, which caused Ghin much consternation.

All in all it was not sooo bad, At least Ghin was not warded, which i was prepared for, given the vampirish look post feeding he had when the nosebleed hit.

Well, it is 6.30 and they are all awake. Time to get up and get breakfast. Ghin's appetite is good thus far. I am grateful. At least he is able to eat and get better.

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