Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I am a man...Oisin does chilli

Yesterday, i made a Spanish omelette for lunch. I had some chlli sprinkled on mine and Oisin asked, is it hot? I said, yeah, its ok. And then of course he proceed to put some in his mouth. Yeah, it's not hot. Well, if you put more it will be. Now the difference between boys and girls is that girls will say, yes, this is true mummy. You are right. It is logical, this makes sense. Boys however go, really? Let me see - i'll bet its not that hot, can you see how hot it will get? Will i see. Let me see...and then...proceed to put several teaspoonfuls into their gobs before going ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!! They will do this despite the fact the last time they did this the exact thing happened and the last time i looked the chemical make up and effect chilli has on the human hyodious was the same. This is why programmes like Jackass and Mythbusters exist. Solely to record and eddify the otherwise enormous stupidity of men.

Anyway, here are the pictures from our mini episode.

The before shot

Well, lets see, is this hot??

How clever am i?

Yes it is not hot, as you can see...

What about this, do you think this is hot?

I'll bet its not hot...

Oh maybe it is...



More drink

Just give it to me!

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