Tuesday, 25 December 2012

So this is Christmas

So we woke up today and i cooked a rather large bird. I did not take the photo of said large bird as it was a bit haphazzard. The gas ran out right at the end so altho the food was all cooked the turkey was not browned. Ah well. Next year. Oisin was class, he told me that he did NOT ask me to make a turkey. Which was obviously why i chose to cook a turkey. The turkey actually turned out quite alright. I put it down to the brining. So if you'd like to know how to cook turkey this is how it works.

Brine the turkey overnight - i used a bucket and lots of cold water and lots of salt. This gets rid of that weird turkey smell and also gives the turkey a lovely taste AND keeps the white meat succulent.

Stuff it to the gills - that's ok. Sew it up on both sides. That's also ok.

Cover it in butter. Metled butter, before you cook it. Put foil over it, like make a foil bag and put it over the turkey. Blast it at Gasmark 7 for 40 mins, the Gasmark 5 for the rest of the cooking time. When it is done - poke the flesh - breast and thigh and it should not have clear liquid coming out of it, you can start browning it. This part will take about 30 mins. Then let it rest. We didn't not manage to get it to brown. BUT it tasted great all the same.

Oisin opens one of his presents

So the nice thing this year was that the kids did not manage to play all their presents at the one go. Oisin hasn't even managed to play his speaker bag.

Ghin get these Skylander Giants

It was nigh impossible to get them to go to the Children's Service, but go they went. Such a stunningly mild day. Such a comparison to the one two years ago where we ended up iced in and pipes burst all over the place.

Me and my coupons, the best Xmas pressie ever!!!

Oisin made these coupons which were a year's worth of massages, looking after Ghin, cooking lunch and breakfast in bed.

Hard to believe six years ago i was soooo pregnant with Ghin

Close up of said coupons

Ghin gets a laser quest gun

Ghin got headphones from our dinner guest

A fire and wreath, Ah.... Christmas

Then we watched Andrea Bocelli. Peter LOVES this guy.

That's our Christmas branch. Doesn't it look luverly?

Look a our organised DVD/CD area
This is probably the best thing about Christmas this year - we organised the DVD/CD collection and we also cleaned the snooker table of toys. I had my cleaning head on yesterday and made the boys do chores. Just before Christmas. Shock horror. Today we did nothing but watch TV, when we weren't sewing dead poultry's carcasses and getting rummed on port - which is so NOT a good idea, esply if you don't drink red wine in the first place. After that i walked to Lara's to see her and give her her boozy choccys. Actually for doing nothing we did quite a lot. I think we did PLENTY for Christmas day.

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