Friday, 14 December 2012

One more week to 42...and the end of the world

Pretty scary

Anyway...i take pictures of myself and post them because its kinda a lazy way of having A photo on the blog. Currently as i blog i have FB-ed a bit, emailed a bit, chatted a bit and just had two glasses of wine. Today we went to Castle Espie. I am afraid i am of the firm opinion that children should be cast, well dressed, into the elements and allowed to feel how cold it can get. Provided they have hats and gloves and wellies and a few layers on of course. As we stood in the neolithic structure, i said, imagine we did not have heating. All we had was a fire in the middle of the room and people would have huddled together to stay warm. To their credit, it was driving rain and howling and i said, we are now going to the hide. See over there. It is far away, you need to be tough to get there. Can you be tough??? YEAH WE ARE TOUGH they all shouted and ran to the hide in the horizontal rain. Except for one of them who said, i'm not tough, i'm not tough. Well, then get used to it, i said. The best part about being outside in weather like this is... going back inside i said. And true to my word the one who complained the most said that the hot chocolate we had was the BEST hot chocolate they had ever had in their life. You see, i said. I told you.

What can i say? Life as a teacher has been... pretty amazing. Once i got over the way you are asked to give of yourself like you have never given before, once you get used to that, well... it is a buzz. I admit that possibly you have to be a teacherly type, and possibly this may not last forever, but really, it is the most amazing fun. Where do you get to tell stories, play maths games, garden, sing, play a muscial instrument, draw, birdwatch, knit, learn more, sculpt - where do you get to do all this. Possibly it helps i am sanguine and enjoy this sort of variety. But it really is a buzz. And long may it last.

So, if i do i one regret is not blogging more this year. I see so much of the boys now. I see them in school and after school and i just get to hang out with them all the time. One of my greatest joys is hearing Oisin's voice in the halls, or outside, during break time, or seeing Ghin line up at Assembly, or see him during after school. It is just the best. I did say to myself that if i never am happy again for the rest of my life i can at least look back to 2012 and go, yep i was happy that year. That year i was ridculously happy. And i would know that.

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