Thursday, 20 December 2012

Made in Belfast

Two weeks ago, i took Oisin and Jago to circus school on Sunday morning and we had brunch in Made in Belfast. It was so funny. Oisin said, we should write guillible on the table and then people can come to this table and say, look guillible is written on this table, and someone would say, yeah right... and it would REALLY be written on the table. So that's what we did. Least people are horrified at the graffitti, the table was already covered in graffitti. None of it as witty as our, of course.

After that Oisin had his circus performance. If anyone is thinking about sending their children to circus school DO IT!!! There is one small snag, the waiting list is 3 years long. Why it is not the birthright of every child in Belfast to go to circus school i do not know. It is fantastic for motor skills (gross and fine) which is soooo important to children from the ages of 3 up till they are 18. It is good for training and body AND mind. It is wonderful for their confidence and on top of it all it is sooo FUN!!! To watch these kids do what they do and to know that they will have this for the rest of their lives is just amazing. So - Steiner school and circus school. Do both - and do one if you can't do both!

Post show photos. I have to say thank you to the wonderful men and women who make the circus school possible. We really do appreciate it!

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