Thursday, 1 November 2012


I admit i didnt take many photos cos i'm a bit out of practise travelling. The children are wooo-ing outside like howler monkeys and gibbons... anyway, the highlight of our trip had to be the Bascilica at Torcello with its stunning mosaics. I just sat there dazed at its beauty. Here are the rest of the photos my lesson in this is, which is what i used to do when i travelled, is:

1. Carry a travel diary and put in entries daily.
2. Get postcards and stick them in
3. Take FAR MORE PHOTOS - especially of quirky things. obvious things have postcards taken of them

I did like the face that we did not try and do too much. The Bienelle, oh yes collided with the Venice Marathon, dunno how that works around a city which must be less than 10 km around the perimiter, saw Burano, ate loads, found ourselves a local pub called Ruga Rialto, and wandered about pleasantly high with happiness and white wine.

Well here are the photos i did take, well, not all of them ;-)

Just behidn the Fondemente de Nouvo...where you catch boats to
Murano, Burano and Torcello... and the Lido
This is just behind the Campo Gesuiti

It was pretty flooded like... about 1.27 m when we go there
All the streets were soaking, if marble can soak

The cats of Venice, to catch the rats of course
We saw a Yellow-legged Gull having rat sashimi
in the ghetto

Burano... this beautiful mosiac after the Virgin and child in the basilica in Torcello

The leaning tower of Burano, i cant remember the name of the church

We were forced to take in the sunset when we missed the boat back to Venice
I know, it is SUCH a hard life

Murano in the distance as we sail towards it
a friend lamented not taking the binoculars as it was deemed that Venice was a citybreak. Din't be ridiculous i said, it is built in the middle of a wetland, citybreak me arse, anyway, i've never used the term citybreak, it is bizarre. So what did we see then? Loads of dragonflies, butterflies, pygmy cormorants, shags, gulls, including two Med Gulls. This was all Id-ed without the aid of binoculars. Please bring them the next time i said. I know, my friend replied as we walked through the marshes of Torcello, and about a zillion birds were singing. This is like torture.

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