Saturday, 10 November 2012

Is it Saturday already?

I have honestly never known time to past soo quickly as it has this year. Between work, the boys and a very changed social life, it has just flown in and now, out. On Sunday, last Sunday i did what i do best. I sat down and wrote out a schedule. It took me about two hours but it was well worth it. As a result i know what i am SUPPOSED to be doing every minute of the day, which means that i am satisfied that i have enough time to do what i am supposed to do. Of course i dont have all the time i want, but i have enough time. Like now i should be cleaning the house... instead... and blogging should be done at 11 pm in the evening, when i am usually sleeping. However, at least i have the schedule. Had a great time on Monday with the boys at the MAC. We go for circus school on Mondays for Ghin and here in the MAC we saw this thing called the 15 second film festival. It was good craic. The boys got to dress up as ushers and carry the clapper board. After that Oisin and i went to the library and he did his homework. They had a great exhibition about Irish horror stories.

Ninja bat
Thanks to the new schedule we come home and dont flick on the TV no more... instead we cook dinner and decorate and the house and do laundry. Oh to be organised!!!

Ghin's speciality is peeling potatoes
He tells me, i love peeling potatoes, it is awesome!!! They cook everyday in school so he peels and chops like some old pro. It is sooo cute.

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