Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday ramble

Sunday = Minecraft

My dear dad (hi Pa!) told me i should be careful about what i post. At first i did not know what he was talking about, then i remembered the post about the gay pride parade in Galway and thought, oh he possibly means that. Really dad. If i had said something which came from the Republican party's manifesto, then perhaps you could have been somewhat horrified and upbraided me about that, but the post about the gay pride parade and then about sexual norms or what is considered a sexual norm in any day and age? Do you not know me?

I am extremely ANNOYED with the whole Kate Middleton nonsense. Today i went to the newspaper stand and was confronted with Kate and William abseiling from a tree in the rainforest. Seriously? I am not so much concerned with her boobs on display as with the overprivelege which a certain class of people are entitled to. I don't care if she has boobs. Because guess what most women have boobs, and most men too, but the system which they belong to perpetuates this inequality not to mention the destruction of the environment, so when i see them doing something tokenistic for PR reasons it makes me blood boil.

You are not there to change the world honey, you are there to boost and uphold the class system of which you have become the chief beneficiary, due to an accident of birth and genetics. Mostly you have benefitted from it. Then occassionally it turns on you. That is the way it works. And if you aren't and haven't done anything to change it, please don't be too surprised.

As they say, tough titties. Get some.

Anyway, rant over.

I have managed to get over most of the housework which was neglected over the last three weeks as i got ready for school and then got into school. And now i'm about to clean the desk. Things are beginning to settle and get clearer. I'm beginning to see how important practise is, and i'm going to work that in very subtly as the year goes on, possibly after Halloween.

Meanwhile, i'm thinking of Venice and of London in January. The pre-Raph in the National, the W Morris room in the V&A and the alchemy exhibition in the science museum. So MUCH to see and do! The thing about being a teacher is that i get really excited about passing on the information, to share it. Somethings will have to wait - like the Norse myths in Class Four. Other things... some of the fairytales are extremely disturbing... The Juniper Tree for instance. On the recommended telling list. Great. And the story i'm telling now where the fox asks for his head and paws to the chopped off.
I can understand this on a metaphorical level but really, a child... we are often told that children do not process it in the same way as adults. OK. I do remember not feeling upset after Jack robbed and killed the giant. Children like justice. Even if it is visited in the most gruesome way.

Well time to get the desk sorted. For some reason i feel exceedingly giggly... I think it is the weather. And the knowledge that after the cleaning up and prep, i will be soaking in the tub, the clean clean clean tub that i washed this morning.

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