Saturday, 1 September 2012

Eeek, two more days!

The main blackboard - where i will be doing the verse
Straight as a tree i stand,
Strength fills my arms and legs
Warm is my heart with love

Window on the right with the theme plants and earth/stones

This will be carried through the years as the elementals
become the forces that shape our world,
thereby inbuing the child with a sense of wonder
for our living planet and inspiring him/her to look after it

The figures of animals and the windmill was made
by Oisin in his woodwork class last year.
They are now a gift for the little ones.

Sacred geometry

St Christopher and the Christchild

The school is not religious but the teaching acknowledges that the human being is a spiritual being. We are not simply a higher form of animal life, but we also have a consciousness which needs to be looked after and nourished as well. I think it enables us to find our way through this suffering world which is literally suffering from neglect and abuse by the attitude that nothing is sacred and everything is for the taking. We also then have a responsibility to each other. A responsibility to love, be positive, to be courageous, to be strong and to go forth. Those qualities and so beautifully expressed in this picture.

Bean bags and boat. The boat was ALSO made by Oisin!
If you think that is impressive you should have seen the
three-masted galleon that his friend mika made!

I made all these gnomes in one day.
By the time i finished i was so tired that i could barely thread
the needle! This window has the theme of water and air.

I have to admit i need to do more for the air...maybe i'll make some flying gnomes!

These plants have an interesting story.
They were in my office in the RSPB and i've brought them here.
When i got them from Ikea they were on their last legs and
one of the parent's brother made a biodynamic prep
which we also helped to make. I put these on the plants and they lived and thrived!!!

Yesterday i put the finishing touches to my room. Here are the photos and from now on it will be main lesson and lesson planning.

I have basically spent the day making LOTS of gnomes. In fact i have made around a dozen. Two stick ones, two pine cone ones and six felt ones. They were easy enough to make and once you've done one they are alright to just get together. In fact the first day the children might be gnome making.

The classroom is looking lovely. One corner is for wooden earthly type things. Once corner is for corals and wtery and air type things. These will be filled in and changed as the year progresses. I've left the box storage seats surfaces bare. They will get lots of use over the years as stuff is stored in them. Shelves are still pretty bare. Not a lot of books to read, but then the kids won't be reading much initially.

I am soooo nervous. To cope with this i am organising every second i have. However if i thought that planning for minister's and heads of states was stressful, actually this is a thousand times worse. Adults generally do what you tell them to do and understand personal accountability. Children do not. You don't expect them to. And then of course there is all the Steiner stuff about etheric and nourishing the astral body. Which really is what makes it all complicated. It's ok theoretrically but OMG in practise, it is a strange sense of - have i covered everything?

I got my Main Lesson books yesterday. The desks were a bit large but i think large desks are better than small ones. However i was saying that if i did get two more students it was going to be difficult fitting everyone into the room. The room which i have spent so much time preping!!!

Yesterday i was soooo tired that i went to bed and ws feeling a bit sorry for myself. the way i alwasy feel sorry for myself, being a bit sanguine i don't do illness well. Then i thought, i will get better, i will get better. Today i woke with no cold. I still have a sorethroat, but i hope the worst has passed.

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