Monday, 6 August 2012

Tired happy

It has been awhile, but i today i was tired happy. You know the exhaustion from physical labour and the delight that comes from it. It was the exact feeling i had when i was blacksmithying. It was real and i could see that what i had done was good. It sort of reminds me of the Genesis, that exciting first chapter... God saw the world he had created and it was GOOD. Yep that is how i felt.

I'm not saying i have a god complex now, but i think i sort of know what the author of genesis was trying to say, bless his cotton socks.

This was the other thing that Bernard Graves was trying to tell us. To work on the spirit, you use the body and to work on the body you use the spirit.

Wha? Yes, that is what i said to him... well it goes like this. In order for the body to perform certain work, especially creative but seemingly menial tasks, you need to take hold of it completely and then you do this by using your spirit. So when you are blacksmithing, cutting wood, and clearly in this case, painting a classroom, you are an instrument of the spirit and are therefore Bathed in the Spirit.

When you do yoga, tai chi, you are using the body to work on the spirit - it is the other way round, and therefore you are working in the opposite direction.

I sort of get it. Also the other difference is, that at the end of the former, you are left with something - a thing you have done or created. With the latter, well you are left with a well exercised spirit. You can't see what you have done, unless you are clairvoyant.

Today i also picked up a seedpod. I do not know what kind of seedpod it is, i might post it on FB... but i counted the markings on it, and it was a perfect, evenly distributed 14. I am only scraping the very tip of the maths iceberg, but i'd really really love to be able to relate nature and maths for the kids from the word go, so that they see that patterns and equations and how things interlock are all part of the world around us and that we intuit this. Just as we intuit language.

For some reason maths became divorced from us, like it was cut out and away from us, and then it was somehow made to be ok that you were stupid about maths. People never say to you, oh i'm sooo bad at writing and reading. But they seem to be perfectly happy to say, i was crap at maths.

I think that this may be because things are so abstracted now that if the foundations are solid, if people are not taught to place maths in the real world, then the foundations are shaky and when you start building more, the entire edifice starts to crumble because the basics have not been understood. You see it in language as well. The poverty in the way we use language now, our debasing of it is now completely accepted even if people don't say it is debased. But how many times have i heard the editors of tabloids say, we edit for the language skills of a 12 year old. Yes that is the average reading skills of a person in the Western world. 12 years old.

I guess the education system has been a complete success there.

I am not a snob, Nope. But i do think that if we have the ability to swim in the sea of language, to dream in it, to somersault and leap and delight in it, then surely our lives will be richer and we will not be fixed on the next shiny thing - the driving force of materialism. We'd be able to articulate our feelings, aspirations, create - and that is when things become less important. Also you start to be able to decipher the truth. Perhaps there is a reason why people are kept at 12  in language skills - so that they will never be able to dissect the truth for themselves. Or to name their truth even. As Blake said, "I must create my own system or be enslav'd by another man's." To be kept at the literacy level of 12 years old - that to me sounds like a lifetime of child labour.

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