Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Strangford, Island Hill Nature Reserve

Er no officer, i was not sending my children to take shelfish off the lough, promise.

Last Sunday, well, the Sunday before that, we went to Strangford's Island Hill Nature Reserve. I had never been there before and DESPERATELY needed a walk. Oisin didn't want to be driving for miles. (Originally i had planned to go to Slieve Beagh but that was severely vetoed when i revealed it was an hour's drive. Uh no, i'm not driving said Oisin. The day was mostly crap weather wise, so i thought what the heck, let's just go Strangford.

The first photo there was very idyllic except that in the second photo Ghin had gotten stuck in some mud. I wondered, oh dear, if they end up being stranded or worse it will look like i had sent my children to me Chinese cockle pickers and i will have a job to do explaining this to the PSNI. Thank fully they were not stranded and instead we ended up walking to the Island. There they found clay. Oisin actually made a candle holder from his clay and Ghin secreted some away somewhere. It's great how familiar they are with natural materials, seeing the direct relationship between the land and us. I never like to say that this is the Waldorf curriculum at work, but i have to say that the more i see of Oisin the more i think, this really does work. Who knows what the future will bring, but for now, it is something which has really brought something to their development as children.

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