Wednesday, 29 August 2012

School's In...

We spent the day doing up the class again. This time Ghin came along and did a drawing on the main blackboard of his own! It was so cute... here he is and stuff which i did as well...
He looks so grown up here

Here is the drawing in its entirety. Gnomes and river, etc.

This is my drawing that inspired his drawing.
This is unfinished as yet. It is going to be part of the music lessons.

A start to the nature corner. The string of coral, crystal and
shells was given to Oisin's class one class six years ago - little did i know i would
be using it in mine!

Curtains for all the windows, finally

A parent contributes decorations to the classroom -
A paper cut of a the Wild Swans

Ghin does a second drawing

My complete drawing, with clouds and flowers

Did you know the sun is a planet? :-)

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