Monday, 13 August 2012

Ross' Equesterian Centre

Four dogs, Five cats...40 Horses, what more could a boy want?

Ghin gears up for his first ride out

I love oisin's serious face...

Go Merrylegs!

Perfect days

Body painting!

I'm too sexy for my shirt!

Funny man!

Get off the fence bro!

If you ever wanted to go to Cavan and go horse riding i cannot recommend Ross' Equesterian Centre enough. On the shores of Lough Sheelin, in the heart of Ireland, equipped with fishing and boating and everything else, and looked after by the nicest family you could ever hope to meet... seriously it is the perfect holiday. Oh yes, the weather helped. I did say to Josh you are most certainly getting the best of Ireland! You will now remember Ireland with this sunshine, which is honestly the only week of sunhine we have had - for a whole week like!

The last time we saw Josh i was 18 and he was 19 - and we were knocking around Singapore for a month. He tells me that he went back to Singapore four more times... of course i never saw him again, mostly because i was wandering around Europe at that stage. But he now has this beautiful family of five and this amazing wife who looks after them. They really are the ideal family and they were soooo incredibly well behaved. I said to them, i never see them fight, although i was assured that this did happen.

The kids really enjoyed themselves. Oisin took his diablo and taught the older kids how to diablo. I always think the diablo is a good idea. It's easy to carry around and needs no batteries. And it is impressive, but kids can learn a few tricks really quickly. You can even do it indoors.

The adult just hung out and exchanged stories of our lives, or got to knew each other again. It was very strange i have to say suddenly being in Cavan with Josh and his massive family after all these years! And me with my very modestly sized one!

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