Thursday, 9 August 2012

Man i'm knackered!

Our lovely classroom...

Direct photo of the window there

Our bookcase

The 'business' side of the classroom
I remember when i first saw this classroom. It was when Oisin was in class one. Did i ever think that i would end up being a teacher here as well? No, not really. But i LOVED this classroom and i think that back then i must have wished silently that i could be a classone teacher as well.

Today we cleaned the room, put a pink wash over the painted surfaces and organised the place. So i have now a 'hidden' wall space to keep my stuff and then all that needs done now is to paint the windows and door and then to put up the curtain rails.

When i got home i was shattered. I had spent the last week doing loads - including cycling with Lisa to Comber, swimming, gardening, cleaning the house and bathroom, doing loads of laundry, the tent - man that was good - and now it is Friday!

I have to say that i have not felt so happy in such a long time. Sort of a kinda fulfilled happy when i know that my every waking hour is spent fruitfully and meaningfully because i now decide what i want to do - and of course the boys. The boys.

How long will all this great but gentle happiness last, i can only speculate. I have become poorer, but richer. Unimaginably richer. It is truly weird alchemy.

Today the nicest part of doing up the classroom is getting to know people. I chatted with one of the parents who turned up in the first half of the day - and of course learnt how to do lazuring properly from another parent - although she informs me that lazuring is not done with sponges, but very expensive brushes. The result though was great.

Tomorrow i get the curtain rails and then we are off to Cavan to see Joshua, my friend which i haven't seen for years - and of course to see a part of the country i havent seen for years as well.

I am sooo sleepy, but soo happy - and extremely satisfied. Thank you, thank you universe for everything.

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