Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Proud in Galway

I spent an amazing weekend in Galway with a friend and we wandered around the place with some of the best weather. I have been to Galway before but i've never sort of taken a day to walk around, eat, lie in the grass, see the museum, speculate on life. These photos were taken from the museum in Galway, where we could see the Galway Pride coming through the Spanish Arch.

So one of the conservations we started having were about the weirdness of human beings and how they had to have something to be prejudiced against. I said, i'm no anthropologist but i do think that in some respects we are living through a very conservative time. In the past people were far more tolerent of sexuality and sexual relations. I'm not sure about that but i'm sure i read it somewhere. But i think of more so called primative societies and they had a more accepting attitude to transgender, mental health issues (often shamans had some form of what Western society calls mental illness) and of course a far more open attitude to sex. As in if you didn't get on with the father of your children, it wasnt a biggy to find someone else. Possibly cos the nuclear family was something which didn't really exist. And women had a role in society, even if they didn't have an income. I'm sure i'm making some of this up, but the point is that our society is far more conservative than we think we are. And the more liberal sexual attitude in recent times in merely reverting back to what was.

I have to say that it was really lovely. There were people getting married and people celebrating and people trooping the colours of the rainbow. For awhile we could forget that we had a crappy summer and rainbows and buttercups were everywhere - cos they were.

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