Friday, 6 July 2012

So, you want to be a Steiner teacher?

I am so very highly excited. And mostly terrified as well. I am in the middle of planning my classes and lessons next year. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to have the entire year roughly planned out, do the horizontal curriculum, have the saints in it, cos they are doing saints the year after this so that i can sort of lay the QUALITY of the teaching down, but not actually teach the saints, and then to look at the vertical curriculum and then distill it all into Un Bel Di... ie the Main Lesson.

I have no experience of planning a regular curriculum, but the Steiner takes into account all sorts. There is the literacy and numeracy and then there is the practical skills and seasons, and then there is the art and the craft, there is the seen and unseen world. Having been born into a the Eastern very of magic realism this is not an issue for me.

So this is a very rough first attempt and then i'll be talking to loads of people about what they think of this and try and take as many comments on board and then... in September it will all happen!!

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