Monday, 30 July 2012

Need more shelf space

Me wearing a baseball hat so i can read the screen indoors!!!!

I knew this was always going to happen but bringing back all the crap from the office, admittedly though there was that much crap, made it more urgent, that i am going to need far more shelf space. Of course i would have more shelf space if i there was no pool table, but i think a take over form Peter's bookcase is immenent. Today the boys are catching up on Minecraft and i'm preping for my last family visit. I'm also going to be pottering around the garden and planning the next four weeks. Some of which may involve seeing Joshua, a friend from waaaay back when, in some part of Ireland and then going to some part of Ireland for a walking thing, possibly Galway, later on this month. But the sunshine really does make things feel so much nicer... and i feel soo much happier.

Recently i was reminded for a friend who found the summers impossible. It is soooo hot he would say, when the mercury hit 15. This is hot??? You are ridiculous. How could this possibly be hot? Irish people are a bit like that. When they have the rain they go, oh the rain, we hate the rain. Bloody rain, when was the last time there was a summer?

And then there is sunshine and for the first two days everyone down tools like there is a strike and heads for Botanic, many young men will expose blue flesh, girls will douse themselves in walnut oil, and it is quite odd seeing very brown and very blue people walking all over the place. And then around day three, everyone would have turned red, having been burned alive and then they will start to complain. Usually the complaint will take this form: i could never live in Spain, it is too hot there. Clearly some of the memory of having once come from Spain is awakened by the sunshine, and then for the rest of summer, which lasts a total of another two days, they will buy swimwear, another three bottle of SPF 35 and slather themselves in it, and then sit in the shade, saying i am really not enjoying this. But then the rain will arrive and then they will say, well that was our summer. How shit is our weather?

I am sure that somewhere, there is a lesson to be learnt...about not being able to make all the people happy all the time.

Well i suppose i should start to do something now with the desk. I can't decide if i should do something with the Mac. Perhaps i could get someone to look at it and make it my REAL computer, instead of my netbook which has never fully recovered from the coffee spill. Sunshine, oh wow... i'm off then!!!

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