Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Finaly... feet up

Mission control

My files...need-more-space....

Today, for the first time i put my feet up properly since leaving the RSPB. My family visits over, having spent the evening out with friends, then the kids just having a playdate and me unable to garden, and NO ITALIANS, it gave me time to just stop and smell the roses and take that holiday that everyone has been talking to me about since they discovered i was a teacher. You'll now be able to have a summer holiday. Errr, not really. But this is the first day i have been able to have that summer holiday. I have been thinking though that over the next few months i will finally be able to do what i have always wanted to do around the house but could not because i was stuck in an office. Now i will be able to make the most of me time.

I have spent a lot less time in front of FB, drunk far less tea and also spent time with the kids. I've gardened, sorted bits and pieces out, nothing too major and now, finally now, i can get stuck into a rhythm, which will help me get stuff i have long wanted done, done.

It is so highly exciting doing the organising for the office. I've stopped accumulating material as well. Now i just need to place it in the right order. I also know what i need to get, which is wonderful. It, as they say, is all coming together.

Now it is just a question of delivering it and really the more and read about the stuff and the more i put it together in my head the better it is.

Yesterday, as i waited for friends to arrive i read bits from the Knowledge of Higher Worlds. This book fascinates me because really it is like, well it reminds me of Chogyam Trungpa's classic, Shambala. You can read it over and over again, and whatever you take from it, it can only be good. It is a manual and a map, it is advice without being overbearing, and really it isn't about being clairvoyant, because Steiner is QUITE CLEAR, in the chapters that it is nigh well impossible for most to acheive clairvoyance. But we can all behave the best we can, and work from the highest selves and in so doing create a better world - be better for everyone.

It's a brilliant book. And what i DO like about it is that it is not preachy, but like Shambala completely inspirational and matter of fact - if you do this, that will happen. Simples. And also completely TRUE, because it is matter of fact and simple.

It is an approach to life which has always appealed to me. The simple, practical approach which is unfussy, beautiful and highly useful. I know that aesthetics are important - but they need to serve the soul, if they are fussy and prissy and pretentious, if there is no truth speaking in them, no essence of humility and wonder, then for me, it is just conceit and cleverness and therefore, quintiessentially dead. There is a time and place for dead things, but they should not be a major part of our living world. And i do think that so much of our art is dead. There is the worship of the cult of death in our art. Perhaps i was wrong when i said last night that the reason why we are a mirror of Ancient Egypt is because we cannot accept death, it is because we are all about death. We are all about the necrophilia. Look at our films, our economy, or culture, or life - death the deadening forces pervade everything.

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