Thursday, 26 July 2012

Days LIKE this

Outside Camphill Holywood

Sunshine in Belfast... we are ALL stunned

So today was simply spectacular. The sunshine, the kids, the picnic, the beach. The chats, the friends. The catching up. It's days like these i am so intensely grateful for. What is life about if it isn't about firends and children? Having them run around and chat and drink coffee, and imbibe some red wine and have camembert and pick on roast chicken in the sunshine in an impromptu picnic?

I was able to just talk with friends, to be myself, to be honest, to just infuse everything i have with a sense of love and give everything to have to everything that you see and behold.

So i think that life simply cannot get any better... and i think, thank you for the gift of being able to be who i am... and for all those dark days to have this one day of sunshine. To know, the true ringing of brass, as it pings through my entire being, my entire soul, to know... and to say, i am so happy, Thank You.

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